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Our trainers come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and offer a wealth of expertise in the early years sector. This breadth of professional expertise, teamed with life experience from a wide range of backgrounds means that we can offer training which has depth and relevace for early years practitoners and community professional

Meet the trainers.


Whether you are a corporate client, wanting in house training tailored to the latest early years legislation and practice, a community group wanting to connect with local services and people. Or parents and carers needing some valuable advice from professionals with real life experience, we at vision-development can help.


Each of our trainers can offer a range of courses and workshops with specialised advice and guidance spanning across early years development and practice. Their expertise, combined with professional practice and life experiences, enables them to engage people from a range of backgrounds. From informative, interesting training sessions aimed at professionals to dynamic engaging workshops for parents and community members. We strive to bridge gaps in early years practice and 21st century parenting. All our trainers work within communities at grass roots level alongside delivering training, this is key in our approach to providing relevant information and training that will make a real difference in the lives of those it touches.


Kat Walsh | Founder of Vision-Development.

Parenting and NLP coach. Freelance Trainer.

In workforce development.

Kelly Dinsdale-Ellis


Early Years Workforce Trainer/Assessor.


Demi Weatherhead


Dental Nurse: Specialist in Early Years Oral Health

Kelly Lee


Early Years Practitioner: Specialist in Play and certified HENRY practitioner (Health, Excercise and Nutrition for the Really Young)

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Jackie McLaughlin


Life Coach & Hypnotherapist.