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"Keep it real"

Our trainers want to work with you, 21st century parents.

To empower you to become engaged and involved parents in this modern hectic world.


Changes in community and society mean that attitudes to parenting and parenting style have changed a lot over the last 10 years, we know it isn’t always easy being a parent, there is such a wealth of information out there that sometimes parents don’t know where to start for the best. Our dynamic workshops give you a chance to ground yourself as a parent in good practice and our trainers will actively discuss topics with you to enable you to make confident choices in how you parent, and how being a parent fits in with your life, whether that be at home, at work, or part of a wider family unit.


We understand everyone is different, we are real people, with real life experiences and children of our own. We don’t want to offer a wealth of information in a classroom setting, for you to take home and put in a drawer, we want to listen to you, involve you in the workshop and leave you feeling confident that you are investing in yourself as a parent, your child and family.  


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*Each of our workshops will incorporate the theory of change using NLP practice


Passport to Success

Behaviour Management with a Modern Twist

Ages and Stages


Children with paint on hands

“Passport to Success”  is a 6 week evidenced based programme aimed at Parents, that encourages Growth Mindset and long term behaviour change.


Each weekly session is based on moving forward taking small steps and achieving personal goals in raising aspirations, and in turn making a difference to how participants live their life.  


Week 1; Identiy and Purpose. Goal Setting.

Week 2; Values and Beliefs.

Week 3; Behaviour, Discipline and the magic wand.

Week 4; Capabilities; Building knowledge developing exsisting skills.

Week 5; Environment: Barriers and Resources.

Week 6; Reflection and Evaluation. Action Plan.


Passport to Success | 6 week course | 2 hours per session


£149.00 per person - discounts available for couples


Contact Kat Walsh  on 07513248803 or email:

info@vision-development.co.uk for course information and bookings.

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Passport to Success.