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engage - empower - achieve - success

Our Vision




Our main objective is to connect people with communities and provide training opportunities that enhance lives and make a difference. We do this by offering high quality training, through our ethos of 'keeping it real' at vision development.


Engagement is a key element to our training, to ensure each of our learners engage with their trainer and enjoy their learning journey. Kat Walsh holds a 98.7 retention rate with learners who engage with her on learning and development programmes.


Empower our learners to allow them to move forward. More than a ¼ of Kat Walsh’s learners have progressed on to further personal development and education courses which have empowered them to seek better outcomes, whether that be within an organisation or community setting.


Achieve Step by Step, we guide and support you to achieve your goals, personally and professionally. Vision-Developments Quality Assurance is assessed using monitoring and assessment tools for each package we provide, ensuring both trainers & learner stay focused and achieve.


Succeed lets celebrate success and continue to be successful, “Success Breeds Success”. We aim to measure the impact in delivering outcomes and calculating the Social Value.